How Can Strategic Save You Money?

Here are some frequently asked questions

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We bring purchasing efficiencies through vendor relationships and pricing commitments that we pass on to our clients. We believe that order guide management is often the single largest opportunity to control cost. Purchasing the right products at the right time is often more significant in cost control than who those products come from. Unlike other management companies we will make sure you’re buying the best products for your residents and your operation, not the products that benefit us.

Purchasing options include:

  • Multiple purchasing solutions for unique client needs
  • Order-guide management and support
  • Vendor, relationship recommendations and management
  • GPO solutions and direction
  • Centralized purchasing and analytics

Food Cost

Our commitment is to fresh, made from scratch cooking. We take this seriously… from in-house stocks for soups and sauces to salad dressings and desserts. This approach helps clients stay away from expensive, unhealthy convenience products. We believe that warm, freshly baked bread should be a priority. A commitment to fresh, made to order food also reduces waste. The combination of purchasing foods at the right time in the marketplace and reducing high-cost products provides clients the rare ability to reduce cost while enhancing and elevating quality.


We bring a large cross-section of industry experience in understanding labor models and efficiencies in the senior living environment. However, maximizing labor efficiencies requires a commitment to the employees who have to perform on a daily basis. Too often, those employees are not equipped to function at the levels required. Training, support and detailed expectations are our most potent tools to elevate employees to operate at their potential; increasing productivity and reducing waste.


Strategic connects you to the most talented and experienced dining operators in the industry. Access to theses individuals and their insight is beyond the pocketbooks of most operators. While it may be a challenge to measure, engaged employees producing a quality product will equate to lower turnover, higher resident satisfaction and increased resident referrals.

Our question to potential clients is, “Do you use your dining services and hospitality to close deals?” If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, you are not effectively using one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Strategic will help bring this to life in your community. The Strategic model leverages online training tools, communication and a lean operating structure to provide dining management services at one-fourth the cost of other industry leaders. Our commitment to extraordinary execution, exceptional food and innovation make us the perfect partner for a value-driven operator looking to differentiate their product from the pack.