How Can Strategic Help You Grow Census?

At Strategic, we turn dining services into a closing tool, a tool that is unique to each client. No one has the talent you do – make the most of your current resources.       

Enhanced On-site Marketing

Strategic clients benefit from the culmination of proven industry expertise and results from the synergy of the dining, marketing and sales teams. A dining team focused and well-trained can help you maximize the effectiveness of on-site marketing events in your community. Strategic trains the community dining team on how to give innovative presentations and create themes to bring the “wow” factor to your events. Create on-site events that are done with a confident, professional execution that would rival any venue in your local area. In short, we provide the ideas, planning and training to help make your events stand out in the marketplace to both professionals and potential residents.

Deal Closer

If you are not currently using your dining services to close sales, you are not maximizing your resources. We work with the dining and sales teams to create detailed plans to make the sales discovery meeting special and unique. A private luncheon with potential residents, a theme-based individual lunch, a customized, freshly baked tour gift, can be just the tools that let them know the difference is in the details, and they choose to move in to your community. We design plans and training tools to make sure that the attention of the dining team is focused on these meetings, every time. It becomes the way your community does business, a powerful marketing message.

Marketing, Messaging, Advertising

In this competitive industry, many retirement communities struggle with finding the right formula for occupancy success; they advertise special offers and discounts in hopes of enticing prospects to come by for a tour. By focusing your marketing message on specifics that only your community offers – the unique dining program or signature recipe creations that only your community creates – the message is clear: you have something worth coming in for! We help communities focus and sell their strengths while working to minimize the discounts.

Hospitality Mindset

It’s the little things that make the difference. We will help bring to life a hospitality culture that will be evident throughout the dining experience, as well as at the front door and in the hallways of your community. Special touches during the discovery meeting such as warm scones, homemade lemonade, or freshly-whipped cream for coffee, can create powerful impressions that help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Sales Appointments and Outreach Opportunities

The Sales team works hard to secure appointments and outreach presentations, all opportunities to tell your story. A tray of cookies or a take-out lunch from the local sandwich shop dropped off to a professional referral source will not generate heightened interest or commitment to you or your community. Strategic sets the stage for your community to stand out by presenting your community’s culinary creations. We can help you take the ordinary to the extraordinary and turn obligatory presentations into real sales opportunities with exciting menus and engaging talking points to make these visits memorable and successful.

Resident Referrals

Dining is probably the most important part of the day for most residents, not only for nutrition, but socialization as well. Residents eat in the same restaurant every day; when meals are upgraded from a meal to a dining experience, they have something to talk about. Talking about the dining experience with their friends and family becomes more like an invitation: “You’ve got to try the fresh bread and the soup is made from scratch! It’s almost as good as I used to make!” Resident referrals soar and census grows.