Business Overview

creating dining and hospitality excellence.

soupA team of passionate, successful senior living industry veterans who understand the importance of cost control, an innovative approach to dining at every level of service (independent, assisted, memory care and skilled nursing), and the delivery of a product that stands out in the marketplace. At Strategic, we keep your dining service teams in place and work to maximize their potential, creating a singular community focus of excellence and financial performance.

Strategic Dining Services is committed to change dining services in retirement industry into a dining experience with a hospitality style that residents boast about, employees are engaged in and owners benefit through increased NOI.  

Most companies in the retirement industry focus their resources in sales training, state regulation compliance preparation and human resource related topics.  The community’s dining service team typically receives training and support from purveyors or a food management company, who are not focused on community success goals but rather on their own company compliance and basic standards, which they apply to all of their customers. The area of dining services is the largest operational expense and arguably the largest impact on resident satisfaction for the community. Most often, training in creating a quality dining experience through food preparation techniques, kitchen efficiencies, plate presentation and service standards are a low priority or left undone.

meatStrategic provides dining service and hospitality management support according to the unique needs of our clients. The Strategic difference in the support delivered not only focuses on successful systems, techniques and tools, but improves the community’s outcome in quality dining experiences, community cost savings, increased resident referrals, as well as resident and employee satisfaction.  Improvements in these areas have proven to drive sustainable growth which goes straight to the bottom line.  We believe these improvements are accomplished by creating a true partnership with the communities and focusing all efforts on meeting mutually agreed upon goals unique to each location.  We do not believe one plan fits all.

Strategic clients enter into a licensing agreement; the Strategic team develops a customized operational plan with detailed support documents, policies and procedures as well as expected outcomes for each area.  In addition to the site visits for evaluation and coaching, online training materials including videos, webinars and additional coaching tools are made available to clients.  All online material is updated regularly and can be uploaded for immediate implementation at the community level.  Quarterly on-site visits by a Strategic team member are scheduled to identify opportunities and to keep the community teams focused on goals.  These face-to-face meetings are an important part of the Strategic membership; they keep the team engaged and connected to the Strategic system of support.

tomatoesBy leveraging communication technology, providing a customized operational plan with specific goals, and providing years of industry insight, Strategic provides successful management support to clients who may otherwise have chosen a different managed service company, often at four times the price.  The Strategic plan matches resources with goals and applies proven techniques in an approach custom-tailored to clients’ operation.

As our name suggests, we take a strategic approach to each community’s goals.  That means we review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.  We learn about you, your audience, and your competitors.  We then develop a unique Strategic Management Plan, matching resources with goals, and applying proven techniques and training custom-tailored to you.  We measure and track results, ensuring your investment in Strategic Dining Services is producing the desired results and meeting expectations. The Strategic team has over 25 years of experience in the senior living and over 40 years in the hospitality industry.  Those years of experience include ownership in fine dining restaurants, development of fine cuisine in the dinner cruise market, culinary training at top resorts, and hotel sales and catering management.

Let us take your dining experience to a new level of excellence.