This Week’s Highlights – September 4, 2018

* Blueberries – Quality is good and supplies are plentiful.

* Bananas – Demand remains firm and supplies are expected to remain good through the rest of the year.       Quality is good.

* Acorn, Butternut  & Spaghetti Squash –Now available, good quality and good supply.

* Honeydew Melon – Supplies are plentiful. quality is excellent with sugar levels ranging from 12 to 14.

* Carrots – Good quality and volume.

* Cilantro – Supplies are light due to poor quality.

* Roma Tomatoes – Demand & supply both remain light, but steady. Quality is mostly good. Reminder: DO NOT store tomatoes in the refrigerator; refrigeration caused the tomatoes to lose flavor and develop a mealy texture.

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