This Week’s Highlights – March 6, 2017

  • Romain & Hearts – Supplies are short due to fields ending and transition on the horizon.
  • Squash – Nogales supplies are shorter due to quality issues. Supplies are moderate to good from FL, with better quality on zucchini over yellow squash.
  • Onions – ID/WA is in full production; the yellow market is soft, reds are steady.
  • Avocados – Overall, Mexican market conditions remain volatile although the price has reduced slightly; the crop estimate through June remains reduced by 26%.
  • Green Beans – FL supplies remain steady with good quality and minimal wind scaring. Supplies from the West remain steady with better quality.
  • Strawberries – Quality and supplies are diminished and continuing to recover in CA due to torrential rain. FL saw rain as well, and colder weather has dropped volume there too. Volume out of Mexico seems to be slowing; rumors are of a diminished Mexican season.

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