The Strategic Dining Philosophy

We understand the importance of excellence and accountability in any dining program and the impact dining services can have in the big picture, at every care level.

The Strategic Philosophy is evident in the following commitments to dining service programs in all communities:

  • Start with Fresh Seasonal Ingredients – naturally lowering sodium and fat in all menus.
  • Soups Made from Scratch – made from roasting bones and simmering them with vegetables and herbs for hours to create rich broths which are used for soups, gravy and sauces.
  • Fresh Baked Bread – from scratch regularly.
  • Salad Dressings Made-in-House – the results are fresh, flavorful dressings that are much lower in sugar and fat than purchased dressings.
  • Signature Food Items – each dining team develops a Signature item that is used to tell the story of the community’s commitment to dining excellence and hospitality.
  • Dining’s Role in Community Marketing and Sales – a cohesive and collaborative partnership between marketing, sales and dining departments is critical to the success of the community.
  • Sanitation and Safety Protocols – ever vigilant in enhanced sanitation, service modifications and the use of PPE for the health and safety of the residents and community staff.
  • Strategic acts as the Corporate Dining Support Team that communities may not currently have in place. Strategic provides leadership, direction, support and resources to your team by managing the overall dining program and customizing the menus and recipes to each location.

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